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Terms and Conditions

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1. GENERAL 1.1. Access to our site is on a temporary basis. We have the right to remove the right to access at any time at our discretion. We are not liable if for any reason our site is unavailable at any time. 1.2. On occasion, we may restrict access to our site for registered users. This is our right to do so in line with our membership rules. 1.3. If you are provided with security or login information to access areas within our site, you are required to keep this information confidential. We have the right to disable your account or password if we believe that our site security has been breached and your details are now in the possession of a third party. 1.4. You are responsible for anyone who accesses your account via your login details or your internet connection. You must ensure that all who access our site through your internet connection are aware of our terms of use. 2. TERMINATION & SUSPENSION We have the right to terminate or suspend your account for: 2.1. Failing to complete and jobs you have accepted or been awarded. 2.2. Posting fake quote requests. 2.3. Bidding on jobs that you have no intention of completing. 2.4. Disclosing your companies contact details outside of our system. 2.5. Posting any offensive or illegal material on our site. 2.6. Any use of obscene or offensive language or insults in feedback. 2.7. Providing any false information when creating an account. 2.8. Submitting fake or fraudulent documents when creating a company account. 2.9. Any general breaches to our terms and conditions. 3 INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS 3.1. We are the owner of all intellectual property on our site. All rights are reserved. 3.2. You must not modify any material that you print our download from our site. 3.3. Our Status as the authors of any material on our site must always be acknowledged if this is used outside of our domain. 3.4. You must not use all or part of any material from our domain without written permission. 4. INFORMATION POSTED ON OUR SITE Information on our site should not be relied upon and we take no responsibility for any inaccuracies or errors in the information that we provide. 5. LIABILITY 5.1. Hiring a removal company from GetMeAMover.co.uk you are entering into a contract and agreement with that company and are liable to the terms set out in that company’s standard terms and conditions and conditional of carriage. 5.2. GetMeAMover.co.uk is an aggregator of business and is in no way liable for any issues or disputes that may arise between the customer and the removal company. 6. CONTENT STANDARDS. Any Contributions to our site must: 6.1 Provide accurate information where they are stating facts. 6.2 Comply with applicable law in the UK and in any country from which they are posted. Contributions must not: 6.3. Contain any material which is defamatory of any person. 6.4. Contain any material which is obscene, offensive, or causes any insult. 6.5 Contain any information or material that is illegal or promotes illegal activity. 6.6 Contains or promotes sexually explicit material or violence. 6.7 Promote discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age. 6.8 Infringe any copyright, database right or trademarks. 6.9 Be used to impersonate any person, or to misrepresent identity 7. INFORMATION YOU UPLOAD TO OUR SITE. Any information that you upload to our site must not: 7.1. Be offensive in any way to users of our website based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age. 7.2. Be Illegal or promote any illegal activity in any jurisdiction. 7.3. Contain any offensive images or pornography 7.4. Contain any offensive language. 8. LINKS FROM OUR SITE. Our site may contain links from other sources and third party websites. These links are provided for your information only. We have no control over the contents of any linked sites, and accept no responsibility or for any loss or damage that may arise from your use of them. 9. JURISTICTION. The UK courts will have exclusive jurisdiction over any claim arising from, or related to, a visit to our site. We retain the right to bring proceedings against you for breach of any of our terms and conditions in your country of residence or any other relevant country. Any claims that arise as a result of use of our services in line with our terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with UK Law. REGISTERED USER PROVISIONS 10. USE OF THE SITE. Our Website Operates in The Following Way: 10.1 Customers post quote requests to get real time quotes from removal companies. 10.2 Removal companies receive notification of jobs matched to them by the preferences they set when creating an account. 10.3 Removal companies then submit quotes based on the customers’ requirements. When a quote is submitted that is binding and the removal company are contracted to complete the job at the rate agreed, if the customer accepts the offer. (Subject to the correct information being provided by the customer). 10.4 The customer is notified of quotes received from removal companies, and is able to view offer details and accept an offer. 10.5 We can in no way guarantee the time it takes to receive a quote from a removal company. 10.6 We reserve the right to remove posts or access which breaches the Content Standards or our general terms and conditions. 11. REGISTRATION. By registering as a customer or a company on GetMeAMover.co.uk, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions. Any breach of our terms and conditions, can result in account suspension, account termination or legal action where your actions are deemed to be illegal or harmful to our company and brand. 12. SUBMISSIONS. Any submissions to our site either by customers or companies must abide by the following rules: 12.1 All submission of information must be genuine and relate to a real project. All submissions will be validated. 12.2 Submissions must not contain any content that may be considered illegal in any jurisdiction. 12.3 Submissions must not contain any language that could be considered offensive. 13. RULES FOR REMOVALS COMPANIES. All companies must abide by the following rules to avoid account suspension or termination: 13.1 All account information and personal details must be correct and up to date on our systems. 13.2 When you are notified of any jobs in your area, any offers you make will be committed if your offer is accepted by the customer. 13.3 Failure to complete a job after your offer is accepted by a customer can lead to account suspension. 13.4 When making an offer to a customer you must clearly outline your terms and conditions.. 13.5 You must not deviate from the offer you made to the customer and terms of offer made on our site when dealing with the customer directly. 13.6 Any deviation from the offer you made to the customer once you are dealing direct must be clearly justified and agreed by the customer. 13.7 You are required to leave feedback on every customer that you work with after the job is marked as complete. 14. RULES FOR CUSTOMERS. All customers must abide by the following rules to avoid account suspension or termination: 14.1 All account information and personal details must be correct and up to date on our systems. 14.2 All quotes requested must be genuine. All quote requests will be checked for authenticity. 14.3 Once you have accepted an offer from a company you are committed to pay a deposit to secure this offer. 14.4 Failure to secure the removal company offer by payment of deposit may lead to cancelation of the quote. 14.5 You are required to leave feedback on every company that you hire after the job is marked as complete. 15. CANCELLATIONS. Cancellation terms and conditions are based on which party cancels the order, as follows: CUSTOMERS 15.1 Cancelling an order after accepting an offer will may result in loss of the deposit you have paid. This will be retained by the removal company according to there terms and conditions. 15.2 Cancelling an order after you have paid the balance or entered into a contract with the removals company, will be subject to that companies terms and conditions. 16. COMPANIES 16.1 By placing a quote and accepting the job, is a contract between your company and the customers. 16.2 Cancelling an accepted job is in breach of your contract with the customer. GetMeAMover.co.uk is not involved in any way. 16.3 If a company cancels 3 jobs after accepting, this will breach GetMeAMover.co.uk cancellation terms and the companies account will be permanently deleted for breach of contract. 17. CONDITIONS OF CARRIAGE. The customer is liable to the conditions of carriage set out by the removal company that they hire and are bound by the terms of the contract outlined by that removal company. 18. PAYMENTS. 18.1 Any payments made to removal companies are not the liability of GetMeAMover.co.uk. 18.2 All payments made to removal companies are agreed with the removal company at the time of hire and agreed as part of the customer’s contract with the removal company. 19. FEEDBACK RULES. Feedback left by customers or companies must abide by the following rules: 19.1 All feedback must be honest and reflect the facts of the job that has been completed. 19.2 Customer feedback can only be completed by the removal company once the job is marked as complete. 19.3 Removal Company feedback can only be completed by the customer once the job is marked as complete. 19.4 No obscene language or insults will be tolerated in any feedback. Any use of obscene language or insults in feedback will result in instant account suspension. 20. YOUR CONCERNS. If you have any concerns with anything on our site or any questions, please email us outlining these to info@getmeamover.co.uk.